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Enzymes 101  A Laboratory Experiment (continued)
And What About the Two Samples?

Has it been 50 minutes yet? Let’s take a look and my little kitchen experiment. If I take a fork, you can easily see that the un-enzymed burger and fries are just soggy, but fairly intact. But the food with the enzymes on it falls apart under the fork.

This simple experiment can be duplicated over and over, and I highly recommend you do it. I’ve tried Elite-zyme Pro by Thropp’s Nutritioncapsules on just about every cooked food I can think of, always with the same predictable result. Hamburger patties, sausage patties, chicken, rice, oatmeal, corn, bread, pasta, tuna, even my mother’s fruit cake; all turned to goo within 50 minutes in a dish with about an inch of water and one enzyme capsule. Make sure that you put an identical sample of the food in another dish with some water so you’ll have something to compare it to.

By the way, this experiment is exactly how we found the best enzyme product. We tried countless food enzyme supplement products on the various foods to see how well they could break it down.

In the beginning I had a concern about my stomach. If one little enzyme capsule could turn a hamburger patty to mush, what would it do to the inside of my stomach? Was the enzyme acidic, or basic? I had to know.

With some regular old litmus paper, I tested my tap water. Right around six; that’s normal. I added the contents of an Elite-zyme Pro by Thropp’s Nutrition capsule and measured again. The ph was unchanged! Not acidic or basic!

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